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The Time to Naturalize is now! No More Time to Waste!   
TODEC’s #NaturalizeIE Campaign

TODEC’s lifelong commitment to civic engagement continues with TODEC’s #NaturalizeIE Campaign. There are over 250,000 Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) eligible for naturalization in the Inland Empire. TODEC is assisting eligible low-income LPR’s with the naturalization process on the daily basis at no cost. Low-income LPR’s may also apply for a fee waiver for USCIS fees and if approved USCIS will waive their application processing fees.

Pathway to Citizenship consists of the following services at no cost:
– Legal Consultation and Screening
– Application Assistance
– Legal Representation  (case-by-case basis).
– Citizenship preparation/material.

DACA Renewal Application Assistance
-Legal Consultations/Screening
-DACA Renewal Application Assistance
-Legal Representation ( Case by Case Basis)

Assistance is provided on a daily basis at our office locations and in workshops in different cities throughout the region.