In TODEC, we firmly believe “That Those Closest To The Pain Should Be Closest To The Power” Luz Gallegos, Executive Director

For almost forty years, TODEC has been a hub for healing, organizing, advocacy and community transformation led by the people who live and work in rural, Inland communities. 

Throughout our history, we are most proud of the deep roots, trust and connection we have with our neighbors, and the intergenerational, community-driven nature of our movement. TODEC gives our community the chance to speak out, flex our power, and create long lasting change through community organizing that changes lives and laws. 

Highlights of our impact include: 

  • Over half a million people have benefited by TODEC’s Immigrant Integration programs and services
  • Organized to defeat California Anti-Immigrant Proposition 187.
  •  Advocated for and won fair legislative maps for our region through the California Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission (2011 and 2021) and local redistricting initiatives in municipalities like Corona, CA 
  •  Collected over a million letters in favor of immigration reform and led a caravan of people to DC to deliver them to Congress 
  • Won multiple statewide policy changes, including California Dream Act, California Homeowner Bills of Rights, Health Care Expansion for Undocumented Californians, Farmworker COVID-19 Vaccination prioritization, and our 15-year campaign to secure driver’s licenses for undocumented Californians
  •  Supported more than 20,000 DREAMers to secure their DACA status and helped more than 300,000 Inland Empire residents become documented U.S. citizens and engaged voters.