Since our very beginning, TODEC’s free legal services for immigrants and community members is one of the core services we offer our neighbors. Everyone should have the support they need to navigate the U.S. legal system and access resources. Our probono legal services and clinics make sure that everyone has the legal support they need to protect their families.

Legal Services are provided at no-cost or low-cost depending on program funding and applicant eligibility.

Our team provides:

  • Immigration Legal Services
  • Legal Consultation and Screenings to help with immigration relief or processes available.
  • Deportation Defense Prevention and Education
  • Citizenship via Naturalization
  • DACA
  • Green Card Renewal
  • Know Your Rights Education
  • Legal Representation  (on a case-by-case basis)

​Assistance is provided on a daily basis at our office locations and in workshops in different cities throughout the region.

To learn more or take advantage of our free legal services, call (951) 943-1955 X102 or